Automate finance and accounting functions using Al-Powered Digital Workers

Our digital workers are trained to perform Accounting and Finance tasks on any existing application, providing support to your employees and ensuring efficient data integration with ERP systems and beyond

Intelligent Digital Worker (IDW) opening invoices in Excel, auditing them and finally making payments to vendors in Quickbooks

Accounts Receivable

Manage Purchase Orders
Generate and File Invoices
Track Payments
Follow up and Collect Payments
Reconcile Payments
Generate AR Reports

Accounts Payable

Receive/Read Supplier Invoices
Reconcile against Purchase Orders
Approve Payments
Reconcile against Bank Statements
Update Financial Ledger
Generate Account Payable Reports

Billing Coordination

Generate Invoices
Validate against Contractual Agreement
Ensure Accurate Billing
Update Customer Accounts Information
Apply Changes or Discounts
Track/Generate Billing Reports

Payroll Processing

Manage Timesheets
Validate Pay rates / Bill rates
Calculate Wages / Commissions
Compute Withholdings, Benefits, Taxes
Generate Payroll and payslips
Prepare Reports for Compliance

Credit Controllership

Process Credit Applications
Apply Credit Scoring Models
Assess Risk and Set Credit Limits
Monitor Customer Account Statuses
Identify / Track Overdue Accounts
Send Reminders and Collection Notices

Financial Analysis

Gather Data from Different Sources
Prepare Datasets for Analysis
Generate Automated Financial Reports
Perform Trend Analysis
Highlight Key Financial KPIs
Highlight /Escalate Variances

Treasury Assistance

Continuously Track Cash Flow
Report on Cash Inflows and Outflows
Analyze and create forecasts
Alert Potential Shortfalls or Surpluses
Execute Routine Treasury Transactions
Handle Currency Exchanges

Cost Analysis

Access Procurement Systems
Access Inventory Mngmnt Systems
Access Financial / Operations Systems
Gather Data and Analyze
Categorize Costs for Optimization
Generate Cost Analysis Reports


Track Inventory Levels
Track Demand Forecasts
Create and Send Purchase Orders
Gather and Analyze Supplier Data
Make Recommendations
Reorder Materials based on Thresholds

Audit & Compliance

Gather Data from Various Sources
Cross-check Against Compliance
Compile and Generate Audit Reports
Highlight Anomalies in Data
Audit for Regulatory Reqs
Flag Non-compliance Issues

Accounts Payable

Gather Data from Diverse Sources
Populate Reports with the Current Data
Create Interactive Dashboards
Provide KPIs for Deeper Insights
Identify Trends using AI
Make Predictive Forecasts

Fraud Detection

Continuously Scan Transactions
Identify Patterns and Anomalies
Categorize Fraudulent Activities
Create Alerts Requiring Investigation
Assess Risk Levels using AI Techniques
Block Potential Fraudulent Transactions

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