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HachiAI - Digital Co-Worker: a tireless, precise assistant that harmonizes with humans to elevate work quality and speed

about hatchi

What is HachiAI

The name 'Hachi' is derived from Japanese, representing the number '8' and also a 'bee'. These symbols reflect both the capability and methodology of our product. The number 8, when turned sideways, resembles the infinity sign (♾), hinting at HachiAI's vast potential for automating countless processes.

When we talk about bees, they are nature's diligent workers, known for their unwavering dedication, precision, and teamwork. Their meticulous hexagonal honeycomb designs showcase their innate engineering skills, while their collective intelligence ensures the hive's success. Drawing inspiration from these remarkable traits, we introduced HachiAI, our Digital worker. Like the bee, HachiAI embodies precision, commitment, and collaboration, becoming a reliable partner in your digital ecosystem.

What we do?

At HachiAI, we’re revolutionizing the business landscape with a pioneering wave of AI-driven digital workers, harnessing the power of Generative AI, RPA and advanced Automation. Our mission is to transform how businesses function by paving the way for a new generation of digital workers. These workers aim to strike a balance between human expertise and digital efficiency.

We see a future where HachiAI acts as the go-to digital partner, boosting productivity, improving teamwork, and offering limitless opportunities. In an age where automation should simplify tasks, we found many tools in the market either too outdated for the modern era or too complex and costly to implement and maintain. Moreover, many solutions struggled with cross-platform compatibility, forcing companies into difficult choices between costs and tech adoption. We knew there had to be a better approach, and that insight led to the creation of HachiAI. With HachiAI, all you need to do is share your job description HachiAI – Digital Worker: a tireless, precise assistant that harmonizes with humans to elevate work quality and speed and existing workflows.

We’ll train and deploy a digital co-worker to integrate seamlessly with your human team, heralding unparalleled productivity levels. Moreover, we stand behind the performance of our digital co-workers from start to finish. No need for you to delve into learning curves, management hassles, or altering your existing systems and procedures.

what we do

The Team

We're a group of engineers who thrive on tackling challenges. From our base in Toronto, Ontario, we've built a team that brings together expertise in Automation, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Distributed Systems. Regardless of their specific duties, each member of our team is driven by problem-solving and ensuring our customers succeed.




listen, learn, help



challenge, seek, explore



consider, reflect, imagine



act, prompt, experiment


Our Culture

Our most valuable asset

We foster open, respectful idea exchange, embrace accountability for failures, trust in excellence, cultivate authenticity, value meritocracy, share knowledge, encourage introspection and action, and believe in technology's potential for human progress.

We are driven by a shared commitment to innovation and a vision of a brighter future, where technology empowers positive change for all.