Automated UAT On Billing System

Intelligent Digital Co-Workers

Automated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to facilitate the migration of the live billing system

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A telecommunications company faced the challenge of migrating its billing system to a new platform. This transition required User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of both provisioning and activation workflows in real-time on a live system. The process involved emulating a Customer Service Representative (CSR) who would sign up customers for wireless services. This included inputting necessary information into the CSR desktop application and completing the provisioning and activation for new subscribers. The user flow encompassed tasks such as identifying idle SIM cards, creating wireless accounts, conducting credit checks, assigning phone numbers to the SIM cards, selecting rate plans, and activating new subscribers


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    Multiple Applications:

    Billing and Rating, Order Management , Commerce Engine, Mediation , Call Centre, IVR, Retail, Care, Self-Serve and multiple Network applications

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    Live Migration:

    Real-time User Acceptance Testing (UAT) must be conducted to ensure a seamless transition without any hiccups

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    Legacy User Interfaces:

    Many applications had legacy desktop user interfaces

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Intelligent Digital Co-Workers (IDCWs):

Utilizing the HachiAI platform, we trained Intelligent Digital Co-Workers (IDCWs) programmed to initiate workflows as soon as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) enters the necessary information into the CSR desktop application. These IDCWs are designed to log into the billing system, create new wireless accounts, conduct credit checks, identify idle SIM cards, assign phone numbers, and activate users. Additionally, the Digital Co-Workers are capable of logging into other backend systems to validate information.


HACHI is a Hyper Automation platform for training Digital Co-Workers (Bots) to automate complex workflows as per job descriptions using a no-code approach. All possible human gestures and actions are pre-coded and readily available to read, interpret, write & transform data, make decisions and even manage escalations. Alongside the existing team, these Bots can be rapidly trained to perform tasks just like people, by emulating human actions across existing applications without the need for custom software development or costly system integrations effort on a variety of platforms such as mobile, tablet, web, desktop and even legacy CLI based systems non-intrusively.

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